Clock Ticks

The clock ticks.

On the pass

I see it.

The Golden place,

Heralding to the sky.

They look down at me,

With bright eyes,

Caresses reach my brain,

Words are meaningless

Yet I see it still.

Truth is fleeing here,

Those that die

Have long since passed.

The rest remain,

Pumping with iron,

All functions obsolete,

Save one, birth.

Even in a tube it remains,

For now, till all the worlds

Grow to bursting,




Once you spoke

On baited breath

Of how you wished to be.

Had I bravery,

I’d have wept

Against such tragedy.

Bless fate for agreeing

With me instead of you,

For though you lamented

Rounded thighs,

I longed to kiss them

Bit by bit,

Till all fell away.

So I thanked

Cursed fate

To permit such unrespite,

Not to mar

Exquisite sight.


Foreign breeze

Pumping beat.

Traditional clothed.

Far away, from

The sugar cane.

Left in a place

Odd to self.

No reality.

Strange perfume,

Of glass bottled

Joy, strife

Never enough.

Never peace.

Left, less traveled.

That is where I belong,

Southern bound.


We sail into the darkness,

With stars to guide the way,

So long we have to go,

To that land so far away.

When we were here on earth

We spoke of bitter days,

Of spite and anguish,

And all between I feel into the end.

But even as we voyage on

I come into the light,

With breath and strife

I forced on way,

To turn this night to day.

But now we stand along the edge,

Where space gives way to nothing,

No pain and no joy,

Only endless absence,

Breath, breath, breathe.

We turned and saw it,

All anew the glow of northern star,

Homeward bound began again,

But stopped and kissed the stars we did,

And fell into the moon.


It’s a void waiting to suck me down.

A monster with a thousand eyes,

The never sleeping Shepard.

One day turned to reaper

I will go down the dark hole,

The one the rabbit dare not enter.

The deep is cold,

Icy flames lick lash,

Wolves bay to no avail,

The virgin light will ne’er touch

Those abandoned to fate

By their vices.

Claws scrap the depthless,

No chance more unlikely

Then to escape by the lyre,

For even his wife remains.

Come hither,



Dark Gaze

Captive still

I remain,

By your ancient gaze.

Did you play me fair,

When you peeked

Feathered eyes,

Spoke of forbidden fruit?

Do you know,

And torment still?

Once you glanced at me

With awareness dark,

Then melted my soul.

A single wink

Sealed utterly fate.


Your face comes to me

As a dream

To the waking eye.

Delicate smirk,

Wicked gleam,

Classic curls,

Your golden tongue.

What would you do,

If I were to take you,

Boldly as the sun,

Would your face sigh?

Could I take one more

Fevered kiss, or

Would you leave me,

To wander for eternity,

With nothing more

Then memory?

I would take it,

Take it gladly,

In exchange

For a hedon kiss,

And envy’s wink.


What do you say,

When it’s bound

To be forgotten?

How do you comfort,

When your face

Becomes a stranger?

How will I live,

When you no longer


How trivial it all seems

Now, with the gift

Of clear sight.

Even now you think

I am another.

My face is a blur

Fading from memory.

No one believed me once.

They rallied against

Me, against us.

They wanted you back,

To force you into your box,

Safe where they can

Understand. I stood between

Knowing you needed peace,

Space to breathe.

I have grieved my share,

One day so will they.

Time, it takes time.

But yours is running out,

And what will you recall?

Little of this I hope,

Mayhap, you’ll dream

Of brighter days.

The sweet smell of Spring.

Your mother’s apple pie.

The way her dresses

Swung in the breeze,

Hanging from the line.

Your father’s cologne

And lulling speech,

As he sang while

Cutting hay,

About the sweet by and by.


They think nothing,

Suspect nothing of me.

I reply in foreign tongue,

I am one of them.

Falser than any mask

I parrot on.

Words with lost meaning

No translation.

I walk the cobble,

Awkward smoothness.

They speak blazing,

No longer distinct

I can no longer understand

Too quick, too foreign.

The imposter soon

To be discovered

The game is up.

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